Our Approach

At Tooth and Nail Design we never forget that the discipline of design is an applied art. Though we have a track record of delivering award-winning interactive design, in every case we begin by address the needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

Through our extensive experience in developing server-based web applications, we have found that without exception our clients always benefit from customized solutions, which tailor existing code to the specific needs of our customers.

Time and again our clients have told us that the value we provide is unsurpassed. Our commitment to customized solutions is but one hallmark of the ownership we take in the projects we undertake for our clients. For us, the true measure of success on every project is how well it meets your needs, and the results it achieves for you.

Web Philosophy:

Open Source, Standards-based Solutions

The technologies available on the World Wide Web seem to grow in number almost daily. When constructing a site, careful decisions need to be made to ensure the greatest numbers of users will be able to access the site, both now and in the future. Such decisions will also dictate such factors as what hosting options will be available (and how expensive it will be), as well as how difficult it will be to keep the site current on an ongoing basis.

At Tooth & Nail we are committed to delivering Open Source, standards-based solutions.

By Open Source, we mean that we use technologies such as PHP and MySQL to program server-side applications. The advantages for our clients are numerous:

  • First and foremost, web hosting that supports these technologies is the most common, lowest cost hosting available
  • Second, the code is portable. Since it doesn’t rely on proprietary extensions or server configurations, the site can be quickly transferred to a new host, without expensive rewrites of the underlying code
  • Third, these solutions are extensible and customizable, meaning that the code can be quickly tailored to suit the needs of our client
  • Finally, the open-source community is based on the value of collaboration and sharing for mutual benefit. This results in a myriad of low-cost, customizable options that can be used to solve a client’s needs.

We strictly adhere to standards such as the World Wide Web Consortium’s specifications for XHTML (the language in which modern web pages are built) and Cascading Style Sheets. This ensures both backward compatibility, for the users of older browsers, and forward compatibility, to ensure that the site we construct for you will be supported by a variety of browsers both now and for years to come.


To maximize the return on your web site, we recommend an investment in Search Engine Marketing. By ensuring that your site is properly indexed and its content has been optimized for Search Engines, you will dramatically increase the number of people that see your web site.